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July 17 2017

Okay, um, Jumin just told me he couldnt wait to see my smile during the party. Ummm, maybe I’m projecting but that doesn’t sound like a purely platonic thing to say and I now am concerned that like Zen he’s had feelings for me whilst I’ve been dating Yoosung. Which makes me feel bad… especially cause I blew him off to talk about how I couldnt wait to see Yoosung. It also makes me question the text in which he asked me if I like Yoosung because I assumed he was just curious but now I’m questioning if he too was jealous and concerned I liked someone else, cause if he was I so didn’t catch on and point blank told him I was into Yoosung.

Sorry Jumin…

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A commission work.

I got this commission when Mystic Messenger 1st anniversary was coming. I was really really happy when I saw the commissioner’s order. Sadly, due to final exam, I did not manage to finish this piece in time to celebrate the anniversary ọ w ọ

Yoosung has always been my most favorite character in MM. Thank you so much for supporting me and giving me the chance to draw my bae again ọ w ọ


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Yoosung you’re breaking my heart!

July 16 2017

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three hours



magical girl yoosung squad where u at?


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This may be the best book I have ever purchased. It is definitely in the top 10


To Be or Not to Be by Ryan North.  Hamlet as a choose-your-own-adventure book.

I own this book and it’s about 600 pages and it’s ALL this good. You can play as hamlet, Ophelia, or hamlet sr, who is a ghost. You can murder everyone in the play. You can fire yourself out of a cannon and use your uncle as a skateboard. There are dozens of endings and places where you can diverge from canon and do something wacky instead. 10/10 would recommend

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Sam + eyebrow expression

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ugh, of course, the next chat where I guess I find out what happened to my fucking 2D husband isn’t until 5:30. I think I’m getting a good ending, I know it’s either normal or good. I think I have about 30 guests for sure coming, so I think it should be the good ending. But, I just want to talk to my fictional husband. Of course, they fucking let me know he’s being hurt through the goddamn visual novel. This game might actually be giving me a panic attack; AND I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. But I’m still scared. Let me talk to Yoosung!

Loud House is one of my favorite cartoons on right now. I just watched the episode with the love letters and I kind of thought that Clyde having two dads would be as far as their lgbt representation would go, but finding out that Luna is hardcore crushing on another girl just made me so happy. At first in the episode, thought they might swerve and have Luna be expecting the guy but the love note be from the girl, but when it turned out the love letter was between the parents and not for any of the kids. I assumed it was just wishful thinking on my part. But the reveal that the fucking Sam she’d been crushing on the entire time, was the girl. Just, holy fuck, I love this show. 


do girls really mature faster? or do we just excuse boys’ immaturity longer?

July 15 2017

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Dean Winchester, One Moment Per Episode
9.16 Blade Runners

I love how when he gets to Seven’s bunker, Yoosung brushes off Zen’s offer of cookies but then when Zen say’s there Honey Buddha Chips, holy fuck nuggets. he now has time for snacks


hi yeah support people with oral stims!! for example

putting things in your mouth


repeating fun sounds

clicking/blowing air/etc


feel free to add more but!!! support oral stims!!! esp. ones that make noise!

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Yoosung you’re breaking my heart!

I’m the furthest I’ve ever gotten into Yoosung’s route. I’m certain I’ve gotten either a good end or a normal end, considering Yoosung is currently off TO BE MUTILATED!

Goddamn, I just wanted to spam the word “No” the second he brought up going. Especially when he brought up it would help him become a strong man. Like, I respect him wanting to protect his pre-girlfriend but like; you don’t need to change or prove yourself to me Yoosung. I fell in love with my cute dorky gamer, really, once we got over the you comparing me to your dead cousin issue, I was good. I found no other changeworthy behavior. And I wasn’t even like super upset about it, made me a bit insecure, but I understood you were fucking depressed and just needed some support and guidance on that matter. I’m a-okay with you being a soft boy, you don’t have to fling yourself into danger to prove yourself. 

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Yes i know that Yoosung got hurt in his other eye but i didn’t realize i was wrong until i was nearly done. So we gonna just deal with this

i’m so sorry for the amount of mystic messenger angst i have created oops.

Really happy tho with how this looks ^^

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“Would you like to… dance with me?”

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July 14 2017

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For some reason I was thinking about Yoosung with white oversized shirts… and for some reason I thought it would look hot on him uhhh

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