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February 04 2018

Me playing V’s route: I’m gonna get a bad end, I just can’t be mean to Ray.

Me trying to get Ray’s route: I’m gonna end up on V’s route again, I just can’t be mean to V.

Omg, I’m trying so hard to get Ray’s route, but holy fuck V will not stop flinging his hearts at me. I can hardly bring myself to be mean to him and every time you worry about other members he’s falling in love with you.

I have said “Goddamnit V” so many times Please, my mint baby, I’ve already saved you. Stop loving me and let me save the marshmallow boy.

February 01 2018

Also, the Ray Route has been out a fucking day and I’ve already been spoiled for his normal and good ending cg…

I have a test tomorrow….but im gonna start Ray’ s route tonight anyway…

January 29 2018

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oh snap



This is an actual Therapist Recommended method for dealing with a runaway “inner critic” and this comic is perfect ❤️



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If didn’t see staff post, basically you can now officially blacklist tags within the app. Since many are mobile users here’s how to find the filter. Above is showing that it indeed works. (tagging in anti tag only for information purpose that’s it) Staff didn’t provide visual so here’s one

I didn’t realise you can now blacklist on mobile so there’s now literally no excuse now. If there’s something people don’t want to see specifically they should utilise this system. People can’t use the excuse now that they use mobile

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I would like to thank whoever at cheritz made the executive decision to give Zen a monochrome tracksuit instead.

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January 28 2018

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Finally got the fox friends and was able to complete my mc’s fox shrine maiden look. I adore my mc far too much.

January 27 2018

Okay, so, I’m playing Hideyoshi’s route in SLBP right now and I’ve already played Inuchiyo’s. I want to preface this by saying, I genuinely love both of these characters, SLBP in general, and Voltage for bringing it to us. That being said, I don’t feel that a true love triangle works in this format. A true love triangle meaning that there are two people actively competing to be someone’s partner.

The reason I don’t think this works is because you choose who you want, before anything even begins. A huge part of the intrigue of a love triangle is the question of who is going to “win”.  You are introduced to all three people, you understand why the rivals love the third party, you understand why the third party would be interested in each rival, now stick around to see who wins in the end. 

But, I don’t have to wonder if Hideyoshi gets the girl, if I chose to be on Hideyoshi’s route.

Just some thoughts.

Hideyoshi (in Inuchiyo’s route): i love mc and will steal her away the second I get the opportunity.

Hideyoshi (in his own route): I really didn’t want to hurt Inuchiyo, but I can’t deny my feelings, I’m sorry.

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just a bunch of buns

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zenny boy 🖤


If you’re looking forward to Saeran’s route but you’re terrified for Jihyun clap your hands 👏 👏

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“I know I made a hasty decision in making you this dress. But whenever I look into your eyes…whenever you smile at me and I hear your angelic laugh…*sighs dreamily* all my regrets fade into nothing.” 💓💓

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not an art post strictly but its mc grim back at it again, v route edition!

made with that one mysme chat generator

January 26 2018

I just dropped over 200 dollars for the special believer and vip package in Mystic Messenger…

So… do you think this is what they expected poor college students to do with left over loan money?

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(screenshot if on mobile!)

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ive seen some posts abt it around and couldn’t agree more that zen = kelso

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*keeps shitposting memes of zen as kelso* haha

*whispers* pls dont unfollow me

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