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October 23 2017

I am so fucking frustrated with this day.

I need to return something I bought online, which is suppose to be free to do, but when my mom ran it down to send it they told it would cost sixteen bucks. She came back and I gave her the money, but now they’re saying it’s gonna cost twenty. Which I don’t fucking have at the moment and I don’t know why it’s suddenly gonna cost more.

I also have an assignment due tomorrow that I need the class notes to do, but due to my mother’s recent surgeries/er trips my attendance has been shit. I asked the professor repeatedly if he would please put the notes online. He assured me he would. He still hasn’t posted them and he never responds to his emails. 

I want to hit something and cry. 

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mint eye yoosung

mint eye au won and this is the first piece. thank you for voting!

List of routes/ending I’ve completed in each otome/dating sim I’ve played and which ones I’m currently playing.

Mystic Messenger:

  • Zen-  (Good Ending, After Ending, Valentine’s After Ending)
  • Yoosung Kim-  (Good Ending, After Ending, Valentine’s After Ending)
  • Jaehee Kang-  (Good Ending, After Ending, Valentine’s After Ending)
  • Jumin Han-  (Good Ending, After Ending, Valentine’s After Ending)
  • 707-  (Good Ending, After Ending, Valentine’s After Ending, Secret Endings)
  • V-  (Good Ending)

Samurai Love Ballad Party:

  • Takeda Shingen- (Divine Ending)
  • Maeda Toshiie- (Divine Ending)
  • Akechi Mitsuhide ~Act 1~ (Divine Ending)
  • Date Masamune- (Divine Ending)
  • Ishida Mitsunari- (Currently Playing)

Ikemen Sengoku:

  • Oda Nobunaga- (Romantic Ending)
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu- (Currently Playing)

Midnight Cinderella:

  • Alyn Crawford- (Honey Ending)
  • Albert Burkhardt- (Currently Playing)

Be My Princess Party:

  • Keith Alford- (Currently Playing)

Several Shades of Sadism:

  • Mei Tarantino- (Happy End)
  • Toma Kira- (Currently Playing)

Destined To Love: Ikemen Samurai Romances:

  • Soji Okita- (His Affection Ending)
  • Toshizo Hijikata- (Currently Playing)

Decoding Desire:

  • Takamasa Isumi- (Currently Playing)

Sweet Scandal Returns:

  • Suwa Shinobu- (Currently Playing)

Forged Wedding:

  • Takao Maruyama- (Currently Playing)

Boyfriend to Death “Series” (I know it’s not technically a dating sim, but…)

  • All Endings for BtD 1 and 2
  • Haven’t Started ‘Till Death Do Us Part (Plan to though)

October 22 2017

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Haven’t shared any pieces of our beloved Yoosungie~ I hope to draw him some more soon! I loves hiiiim~💕

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But it’s okay because my kidnapper is a mega hottie~!! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

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Because fox are paid nazi lovers

the Fox Network can perish, painfully.

TBH, I know it’s not canon, but between all the fanart depicting MC’s with Ray in matching fairytale-esque dresses and the fact that Rika said he liked to brush her hair, I like the idea that Ray really did treat MC like a doll to the extent of dressing her up. I really do love the weird creepy cuteness of him. 

Imagine, you get taken to Magenta/Mint Eye Headquarters. You have next to nothing on you, you didn’t know how long this kidnapping will last. But when you question what about what you’ll wear since your expected to stay here long term, you can’t just wear the same clothes everyday, Ray says don’t worry. The next day, he greets you in the morning with breakfast and a beautiful dress. He lets you put it on yourself but helps with the back of it. Then he makes you sit at the princess like vanity in your fancy room, he brushes your hair and does it for you. He coos over you, how precious you are, how much you mean to him, how devastated he’d be if you left. And that’s how mornings go, him bringing in a new dress every morning and fussing over you.

Why do they all fit perfectly?

You’re his precious beta-tester, he had to research you well, make sure he knew everything about you.

Why doesn’t he let you pick any of them out?

It’s a reason to see you everyday, besides, you trust him and his choices, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, would you?

Why does he have so many dresses ready for you?

He had to make sure there were enough, since you’re never leaving him…you aren’t leaving him, are you?

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Drawing of Yoosung

October 21 2017



If anyone could bless me with some good Sub!Mitsunari smut I’d be eternally grateful.

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is everyone who reblogged this okay?

no :(

October 19 2017

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Yandere Yoosung I drew…

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lmao i made this like 2 months ago and forgot to post it

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Teary eyed squish-face lol
Teasing Yoosung

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October 17 2017

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So, I have been hit with the Mystic Messenger kick again… ;;

I don’t mind though! Although currently I’m going through the 707 route, Yoosung will always have my heart!!
This image of him is actually one part of a whole, and if you stick around long enough you’ll know what I mean!

Anyway, you should all tell me who your favourite character is!! I’d love to know!!

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Guardian angel on standby to catch Masamune.



Wake Me Up Inside has become a real joke but you all are lying if you say that you wouldn’t have loved lyrics like “bid my blood to run before I come undone and save me from the nothing I’ve become” if it was presented in a folk song on Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell.

My inner 13 year old self is screaming because the song isn’t called wake me up inside it’s called bring me to life you fucking fake goths

October 15 2017

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Okay, whether you like Rika or not, can we all agree this expression of her’s is terrible. She looks like a braying donkey here.

October 14 2017

Okay, so I’ve been playing Masamune’s route and I’m pretty deep into it. Like halfway or more through chapter 12 and I just wanna say that I am liking his route so much right now. Cause okay, I didn’t like Mitsuhide’s route that much, it wasn’t bad but he wasn’t terribly interesting to me and once he started pushing away MC the entire story just came to a stand still for me. So, Masamune’s has been really nice. Here are some thoughts….

<!-- more -->

First, MC concealing her gender is actually utilized. In all the route I’ve done so far (Shingen’s, Inuchiyo, and Mitsuhide’s) The mc hiding her gender is a plot point that was thrown away so fucking quick it seemed. So, I really liked that their was an actual arch and point to it in his route. Though, after the gender reveal, I do kind of wish there would have been growing pains due to Masamune’s women issues. Like, he tried to throw her out, let her come back, and then that was it. He treated her the same, which I just feel like he would have more problems adapting to the shift in their relationship given his issues. I mean, when MC was her “sister” in Kyoto, it would even let her walk closely to him. I know he does trust MC, but I can’t help but feel it would have taken some warming up to it. Either way, I’m just glad it wasn’t tossed away so quickly. 

Second, I’m really glad that the moment where he does push MC away are brief. I hate the the “gotta keep you away cause danger” trope so much. I hate reverse tsunderes(is nice and lovey dovey but then pushes you away/treats you like shit for some asinine reason) it’s what halted Mitsuhide’s route and is why I’m dreading Saizo’s. Masamune does push MC away twice, but it’s so brief, it’s more like a lapse in judgment than him making a drawn out choice. He tells you to leave after finding out your gender, but is coming for you the very next day. He tells you to leave to protect you from his mom and uncle, but shit goes down within the next few hours and he’s right to saving you. He makes some shit choices with that, but he comes to his sense pretty quick. 

Third, Shigezane is just amazing. I bought his birthday event and did his most recent story event. Where the hell is his route? I love him. Even as my dorky soon to be cousin in law, he’s amazing. 

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