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August 28 2017

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Commission for dzianna on A&C. They asked for Yoosung in a maid outfit. Had real fun drawing this >w<

I’m looking for more commission work, 1 slot only. Contact me through private chat if anyone’s interested in getting one ^^ Reblogs are appreciated since they help get word out :’D

[More Samples] [Prices] [ToS]

August 27 2017

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Bandaged Yoosung kept reminding me of Vocaloid Oliver soo…

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things you dont learn at school:




oscar wilde said he was “addicted to cock-sucking”. also, oscar wilde said “penis-sucking” gave him inspiration

why have I never seen “love is a sacrament that should be taken kneeling” used in fic




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v in a man bun


reblog if you agree

August 26 2017

If you receive a YouTube link to EiRPoAFl-P4 DON’T click on it





It’s a music video with rapid flashing colours/lights. I have very minor epilepsy, just focal seizures, and I maybe watched ten seconds before literally nothing was real around me and I think I’m going to throw up and have a heart attack.

@ the asshole who sent me that, launch yourself into space and die.

crosa rosa have a history of spam sending videos to people with their submit open, and when confronted about it and the content of their videos before (misogynistic themes, transphobia, no epilepsy warnings), they were complete assholes about it.

re reblog with sources on when it went down before:

( x ) ( x ) ( x )

they denied it was them but they’ve done this before

a post abt the resurgence

ill also mention that, when i called them out on my previous acct (i have since remade), a friend of theirs (tumblr user mountweak) sent me a lot of hate and triggering anons.

ah so that’s what it was lmao

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fellow texans: this is serious. if you’re in an area where you were told to evacuate, YOU NEED TO EVACUATE.

Here are some resources from the Texas Democrats website:

Please only call 911 for immediate medical, fire or police emergencies.

Call 311 to report flooding or debris in streets.

  • Resources for Hurricane Harvey
  • Visit Hurricanes.govfor the latest on the storm.
  • Visit or (español) for tips on how to prepare for and stay safe during hurricanes and flooding.
  • Visit the FEMA Social Hub for updates from official emergency management social media accounts.
  • Download the FEMA Mobile App to receive alerts from the National Weather Service, get safety and survival tips, customize your emergency checklist, find your local shelter, and upload your disaster photos to help first responders.
  • Report debris or flooding
  • Call 311 from your phone to report debris or flooding
  • Power outages
  • Stay away from downed power lines
  • Report downed power lines by calling 311
  • Food safety after power outages
  • Your food should be safe as long as power is out no more than 4 hours
  • Keep the door closed as much as possible
  • Discard any perishable food (such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers) that have been above 40 degrees F for over 2 hours
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Legal hotline
  • The State Bar of Texas has established a legal hotline at 1 (800) 504-7030 to help people find answers to basic legal questions and connect them with local legal aid providers.
  • Monetary donations and volunteering

I’d advise creating a Twitter account if you don’t already have one, and following these accounts as well:

Some tips for those staying home to weather the storm [note: not everyone can afford to leave, or has anywhere to go to escape the storm. not everyone who stays lacks common sense, they just don’t have the funds, the transportation [disabled, no car, etc.], or family + friends to go anywhere else]:

  • Take a shower now, then fill your tub with water. You might need that water later to flush your toilet.
  • Make sure you’ve got an axe or something like it, because if you live in a low-lying area and the flood waters get into your house, you might end up needing to bust a hole in your roof to get out.
  • DO NOT SWIM IN FLOOD WATER. Flood waters carry sewage, diseases, toxins, and things like water moccasins, brown recluse spiders, floating ant beds, and more. It is not a pool.
  • Make sure you have extra batteries to power all of the things. Radios, flashlights, etc.
  • Make sure all of your devices are charged, and purchase charger packs if possible. There’s a high chance that we all lose power, and it could be out for weeks. Make sure your devices are able to last you for as long as possible.
  • Make sure you’ve filled your gas tank.
  • If you live in a low-lying area, make sure all important things like legal documents, photographs, and electronics are up high. If you live in a two story, go ahead and put them up there.
  • Don’t wait to evacuate until the last minute. If they say you need to leave, then LEAVE. If they haven’t, decide RIGHT NOW whether to stay or not. You don’t want to be caught out in the streets when they start to flood. Because they WILL flood.
  • A lot of hurricane/tropical storm/flash flood-related deaths happen after the storm has passed. People try to venture out into the waters and end up drowning. Make sure you have everything you need so you don’t have to leave your house for a few days. It will NOT be safe.
  • Check out this twitter thread and #StormTips for more tips:

stay safe y'alls

Actually it’s a category 4 and made landfall

Okay, I’m gonna try a thing with Mystic Messenger…

I’m not gonna set any alarms. 

I’m not gonna spend any hourglasses on missed chats. 

I’m back in college and if a chat opens during class, I let it go. I treat it like I would an actual messenger. 

So, I will probably get a bad end, but I can’t afford to lose sleep or miss class.

August 25 2017

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Sometimes the missed chats are pure gold

[Mystic Messenger] V Route Update Postpone Notice & V Route Opening Video


Hello, this is Cheritz.

We’re writing to let you know that Mystic Messenger’s V Route, which was originally planned to be released on August 2017, has been postponed to September 2017.

We tried our best to release the new route within the announced period, but we determined that we would need more time to complete the content to perfection and thus postponement would be inevitable.
We sincerely apologize to everyone who has been waiting for the V Route, and we will do our best to present you with joy and happiness in the upcoming September.

Instead, we present you the V Route opening video for those of you who have been waiting.

We would like to thank all the MC’s for playing Mystic Messenger. We wouldn’t have created the new route without everyone’s support. We wish you all a wonderful day.

Best Regards,


u know that one sad puppy face jumin makes

yeah it fucks me up

i wouldn’t be able to say no to that face

August 24 2017

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American Gods 1.05 | Lemon Scented You

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this sleepy boy is a good boy.


sure, when my grandfather fought nazis and fascism he was “a hero” and “on the right side of history” but when i do it im “way too sensitive” and “no better than they are”

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this is what my relationship looks like


do i know what i want to write? yes

am i capable of writing it? yes

would it even take that long to write it? no

would i feel awesome if i wrote it? absolutely

am i writing right now? no

why not? *highpitched screaming* i?? don’t?? know?? *cries*

August 23 2017

I am SO happy


So about 4 days ago my brother was working in the yard and he was getting rid of this big old plastic pot we had that was already falling apart. To fit it in the garbage bag he had to smash it into smaller pieces with a shovel.

But when he dumped out the dirt….


…eggs. Ten little eggs.

My mom brought them in to show me. Not knowing what they were or if they were dangerous or not, she asked me if I wanted to take one and open it up outside to make sure it wasn’t full of baby bugs or something. I told her that they were definitely reptile eggs but she was still giving them the ‘I-still-don’t-trust-that-they-aren’t-bugs’ look.

I knew there was no way it was full of bugs and I wouldn’t be able to get it off my mind if we cut one out and killed it. But then I remembered candling.

If you don’t know what candling is, it’s when you put a flashlight under an egg to check if it’s fertile or not.

So I told her to hold on and I ran to get a flashlight.

Lo and behold they were not bugs.


It was our first time ever candling anything so we weren’t exactly sure what to look for. The only videos I had ever seen for candling an egg was a video talking about how some geckos lay eggs without a mate but there is a rare chance they could be fertile anyway; the eggs in the video were always empty though. So we checked all the eggs and they were all alive and responsive. I managed to convince my family that I was 99% sure they were lizards of some kind.

Since we kind of accidentally destroyed their nest and a storm was coming we set out to give them somewhere safe to hatch.

 We got a pot and filled it with damp dirt like the one we found them in but smaller. After candling each egg, we made a divot in the dirt and placed each egg half in and half off, careful not to turn them too much and damage them.


My mom did some research and found that the eggs needed to be kept somewhere with good humidity so we got a plastic book crate, drilled some holes in it, and filled the bottom with wet paper towels.


The mystery eggs were put in the garage where it was just as hot as outside but safe from the huge thunderstorm.

Day 2 of eggs and nothing happened. We didn’t think anything would happen just yet but we were all a little worried that we were doing the wrong thing. It was my day to go finish up cleaning up the dirt and shards from the broken pot in the yard when I found another egg.

I picked it up and it wasn’t as firm as the others. In fact it was leaking. I called my mom and candled the little guy. He was just as alive as the others were. There wasn’t much room in the new incubator with the other eggs so we got a tiny beta fish tank we haven’t used in years and fixed it up for the egg. We put it in the garage next to the others.

Now this egg had me worried. He had been out in the storm with a damaged egg. I would go out and check on him throughout the day. Not a thing happened and I was starting to worry that he didn’t make it.

Day 3 of eggs was interesting. I went out to check again on little egg 11 with my mom. She asked how the others were doing and wanted to see. It was fogged up on the inside so I shone a light through and saw it. A head! A little baby lizard head poking out of the egg! 

The incubator was taken inside and everyone was gathered around the table. We would all switch from watching the eggs, to someone doing research, to checking the eggs, to setting up the empty tank we had, to checking the eggs again.


All together 4 little lizards were hatching. They’d kick for a bit in their eggs but then fall asleep because it was so tiring. 


After a while my mom got concerned about one that hadn’t opened its eyes in ages. It wasn’t moving. I picked up the egg and put it in my hand. I rubbed the shell and gently gave it little tugs. Then out the baby came!


This little guy came out healthy and fast. After a brief look-around he ran out of my hand and back into the pot. Then over the edge of the pot to explore the hides we fit in. 


After 4 of the babies fully hatched and we figured out what we were going to do, we put the incubators in the spare tank we had so we could keep an eye on them. At that point it was a little past 1:00am and a 5th egg started to hatch.

Day 4 of eggs and lizards we went to the local pet store to get something that these super small babies could eat. Luckily, Petco carries super small crickets and meal worms. We loaded up on reptile supplies: bus, vitamin dust, hides, heat lamps, you name it we probably bought it.

Upon getting home my mother and I readied the tank.


At that point all but two eggs had hatched. One we thought wasn’t going to make it because it didn’t react when I candled it, and the other was number 11 who was found a day late and broken. We decided to move the two into one incubator instead of two while we moved 9 of the lizards into their temporary home.


When we look for them they were hiding in the incubator all curled up together under a plant we had put in. They actually seem to do that everywhere they decide to hide which is kind of surprising to me. I thought they were going to all be really territorial with each other. But they seem to like each other more than I thought they would.

After a few hours, number 11 hatched and he was just as healthy and fast as the others despite being through the storm earlier. Not too long after that, the last egg hatched. He was much smaller than the others but equally as fast. We added them both to the tank with the others and they hid as quick as a ninja.

Day 5 of lizards was mostly setting up heat lamps and lights and worrying if they were okay. They stayed hidden under rocks and brush. We never saw them eat so we went back to researching.


Day 6 of lizards and they are alive and well! They’ve taken a liking to the new heat lamp and have been scuttling around there all day. I even saw one eat a cricket! 


Even the smallest of the bunch was enjoying himself in the warmth :)


I will continue to take care of them until it comes time to release them back to their natural habitat. I’ll keep you all updated. It’s such a strange and wonderful learning experience :) 

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in celebration of the five hours of sleep i’ve been getting these past few days

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